How to Bet with Bitcoin

Funding With Bitcoin is Easy

How to Deposit Funds to a Sportsbook:

First, you want to create an “exchange wallet.” This is used for trading funds between supported currencies. is the most popular and easiest to use. Others include Bitquick, Paxful, and Circle. After creating an account, you are free to buy Bitcoins. Hooray! There are multiple ways to purchase the digital currency, including debit and credit cards, bank transfers, and more.


The next step is to create a account. This is the trading platform where digital transactions between two parties take place. After gaining a wallet, you will be able to both receive funds from your exchange (Coinbase) and send them to your sportsbook of choice. Nitrogen Sports trades in Bitcoin exclusively and is easy to use. A random encrypted address is generated for the party requesting funds. Your sportsbook will provide you with an updated address. Funds move within minutes in most cases. It’s really very simple. Here’s a straightforward, less-than-a-minute four-step guide showing the funding procedure:




How to Get Paid by a Sportsbook:

Receiving money works virtually the same way as a deposit, but in reverse order. Each time you request money through, a new wallet address is generated. You will have to provide this in the proper payout forms with whatever sportsbook you use. After the transaction takes place, you can then send the funds to your exchange wallet. Blockchain transactions are guaranteed within a 24-hour window.


Always review your Bitcoin address to make sure there are no unwanted spaces at the beginning or end of field.