Sports Betting Research, Writing, & Consultation

Betting Research and Consultant

Sports Betting Resources provides customized betting research,  consultation, and writing for the NFL, NBA, NHL, CFL, WNBA, MLB, NCAA football, and NCAA basketball. Projects range from simple queries, game previews, and press write-ups, to white papers, academic publications, and personalized investment advice.

We utilize a variety of sources, including various research databases with historic betting data and lines–some dating back 40 years–advanced stats, cutting-edge analytics, relevant scholarly studies, and other data points to address specific information needs and deliver solutions.

Our team has more than 20-plus years of journalism experience researching and writing about sports and sports betting. Past employers include Cox Communications, Perform Group, and various other media outlets. Our team leader, who owns a PhD in Communication, is widely published in academic circles. Topics include sports history, sports media criticism, statistics, and theory. Let us help you fulfill specific sports betting business or investing strategies and goals.

Embedded is a snippet of a standard research response:

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